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How to contribute to VDU

(October 9, 2017)

(Community guide by Jax)


"I swear r_speeds are still relevant—"

VDU is effectively defunct and isn't actively soliciting content anymore. We don't even have a Discord anymore. If you get me something over email or on Discord at mariteaux#1020, I might still post it, but don't quote me on that.

There's far too much content out there for us to write about on our own. We rely on our community to help contribute tools and information.

What can I contribute?

Any information that would apply to our site is welcome. Here's some of the things we look out for:

I want to write a guide for the site!

We're always looking for more content on the site, and we appreciate your desire to contribute. Here's some things you should know:

It doesn't have to be perfect

We'll clean up any spelling, grammatical, or formatting mistakes. It doesn't have to be a perfectly written guide. You provide the structure and information, we'll make it fit in here on the site.

Check out our style guide to see how we format and structure our guides on the site.

What files to upload?

Just toss whatever you want to upload into a ZIP file. If you're only submitting a guide without any attachments, it can be in a TXT file.

Where to upload/contact you?

Most of our active community is on Discord. You can upload files and talk to us there, or you can look at our contact page for other means of communication.

Discord (which is now defunct) Contact the Valve Developer Union