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Making the Jump to Raw Oats

(January 26, 2018)

(Community guide by Jax)


What the fuck Jax

The food in my life has always been fresh. From broccoli as a young child, green grapes as an adolescent, and now raw oats, one could say I need and want to eat like a rabbit.

It all started four days ago when I took a trip to my local Walmart late at night. I had walked the aisles up and down like a barracks inspector, and couldn't find anything that caught my interest. Cereal? Too sugary. Nature Valley bars? Too naturey. And then—like a glowing gift from the heavens, a cylinder with a bright red wrapping became apparent: Quaker Old Fashioned Oats.

Quaker Old Fashioned Oats

I knew what needed to be done. I grabbed a can and briskly walked to the self-checkout because I didn't have the patience to stand in line with anyone but myself and my oats. I paid quickly. I left quickly. Upon arriving home I gently tore off the green tabbed seal and opened the lid; greeted with a puff of decompression from the factory. I was there, with the quakers, and their oat factory, but only for a brief moment.

I didn't go through the formalities, no spoon and no bowl—just my fingers. I took a pinch of oats into the gaps of my fingers like I was about to feed a fish, and held it over my mouth. I think this was the first moment I could see a future where I eat oats daily.

Raw Oats

Time passed. And by time, I mean 3 days before the whole 1.02lb can was gone. Now I wait for the store to open so I can acquire more to feed my cravings. In the mean time, I have been keeping myself occupied on YouTube looking at various oatmeal recipes. If it's good raw, they have to be good with some milk/water, right?