Valve Developer Union
[4:37 PM] Houston's Joint: not the proper way of acting for someone who is an owner and represents a community
[3:23 PM] furfag: I'm just gonna say that this place is becoming the new gamebanana
[8:54 PM] Eisen: I'm out, not dealing with this kind of administration twice. The sven co-op devs are bad enough.
Orbifold - Today at 12:38 AM
pac a nazi
i left that gay server
[8:51 PM] Miloteza: you know
[8:52 PM] Miloteza: your behavior is trash and you'll never be able to start a successful company with your childish behavior, and insulting people to inflate your ego is not going to inflate your iq even if it seems, you'll remember this if you keep your path and go bankrupt once you leave mommy's house, farewell
HoobSug - Today at 2:28 PM
vdu is gay
[4:41 PM] Houston's Joint: oh yeah trump's better sorry
[4:41 PM] Houston's Joint: at least he doesn't break discord guidelines
[8:44 PM] CryoKeen: I'm gonna stop recommending people come here
[8:44 PM] CryoKeen: Your rude and inconsiderate fuck vdu