Valve Developer Union

Where in the World is the Valve Developer Union?

(March 15, 2018)


"I swear r_speeds are still relevant—"

Naturally, this aged about as well as hot mayonnaise. We did come back on the 1st, but the site still wasn't long for the world and the Discord's wasn't either. I leave this up because it's an important historical mayday from yours truly.

You might've noticed that weekly flow of guides and tools posted to the site seems to have stopped about two weeks ago, as of writing this. Transparency is important to us, and so we figured the best course of action would be to post a short notice as to why we disappeared and when we'll be back.

As of right now, the site is on hiatus. Real world matters and other projects have us (and especially me, pac) kinda spent at the moment. There came a point earlier on in the month where communication was at a low point and things weren't exactly looking rosy for us. The return of several people important to VDU has us more optimistic about things, but a break's still in order.

We've been publishing content weekly since the site launched, with only a few blips in between. We're still wholly dedicated to our goal of archiving and documenting Valve games, but as of this March, we're on break. Call it spring break if you will, though we're still getting hammered with snowstorms up here in the northeast, so it's not exactly sunshine. Regardless, I hope you'll understand that we haven't run off or anything, even if it is on kinda short notice.

So when will we be back? April 1st, 2018 will be when the next guide goes up. From there, regular content will resume. We have Quake stuff lined up, Source stuff lined up, a new community guide to post, and maybe even tracks, if all the blue moons align right.

In the meantime, our Discord is still plenty active. Come talk to us!