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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Skin Templates

(October 16, 2017)

Render of a M4A1-S Cyrex in Blender
Render of a M4A1-S Cyrex in Blender

This is an archive of UV maps and weapon models for creating custom weapon skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All weapons are included in the OBJ format, each with a UV map in TGA format. Files for special shader effects and sprays are also included.

Default UV map and Cyrex Skin UV map
Default UV map and Cyrex Skin UV map

Folder structure

Path Description
/FinishExamples Contains files for styling shaders.
/OBJs Contains weapon models in OBJ format.
/UVSheets Contains UV maps in TGA format.

Included weapons

Weapon File Name
AK-47 ak-47
AUG aug
AWP awp
PP-Bizon bizon
CZ75 Auto cz_75
Desert Eagle desert_eagle
Dual Berettas dual_berettas
Famas famas
Five-SeveN five-seven
G3SG1 g3sg1
Galil AR galil_ar
Glock-18 glock-18
M4A1-S m4a1_s
M4A4 m4a4
M249 m249
MAC-10 mac-10
MAG-7 mag-7
MP5SD mp5sd
MP7 mp7
MP9 mp9
Negev negev
Nova nova
P90 p90
P250 p250
P2000 p2000
R8 Revolver revolver
Sawed-Off Shotgun sawed-off
SCAR-20 scar-20
SG 553 sg_553
SSG-08 ssg_08
Tec-9 tec-9
UMP-45 ump-45
USP-S usp-s
XM1014 xm1014
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