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(February 9, 2018)

HammerThemes allows the user to create custom color themes for the Valve Hammer Editor. Most of the colors Hammer uses to draw objects in the 2D viewports can be customized, including the background, the grid, grid highlights, the object selection box, and so on. Any themes created through the program can be exported to and imported from special HET files, allowing for ease of sharing.

HammerThemes at startup A customized color palette
Left: HammerThemes at startup
Right: A customized color palette

Keep in mind that some colors will be affected by the "Grid intensity" slider in Hammer's options. You can specify which using the "Intensity?" checkbox to the right of each RGB color value. You'll also have to restart Hammer to see any custom color changes. HammerThemes requires the .NET Framework 4.5.2. redistributable libraries to run.

A customized color palette, as seen in Hammer
A customized color palette, as seen in Hammer

If you're having trouble picking matching colors, or if you'd like to get inspiration for color themes, the Valve Developer Union recommends two sites in particular: Paletton for fine-tuning palettes or picking complementary colors, and Color Hunter, which generates palettes from Flickr images.

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Actively maintained project

HammerThemes is an actively maintained project. The latest version featured on this page is v1.0.19118.0. If this is out-of-date, you can grab the newest version at RedMser's GitLab and contact us to update the link.