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Quake WAD Overhaul Project

(April 27, 2018)

This pack features every texture featured in the original build of Quake, Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon, Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity, Mission Pack 3: Abyss of Pandemonium, and many id-sourced textures that were never used in the original maps, lifted from the original texture sources. Duplicates were weeded out, and every texture has been renamed and re-sorted into WADs of each one of the game's texture themes.

A sample of the desert WAD
A sample of the desert WAD

What was wrong with the original WADs

The original WADs that new mappers are often told to use did not come from id themselves. These WADs are messy, sorted badly, and come with many textures that are unusable as textures themselves (notably, the item textures and a colormap, which no editor I know of has ever needed). Even internally, id did not keep their texture usage straight.

What we've done is re-sort all textures into different WADs based on theme, with the mission pack and "beta" textures mixed in for variety. This is by far the most complete selection of textures you'll find in one set of WADs. We've also fixed the numbering scheme in the hopes that it'll make finding the right texture easier.

A sample of the medieval WAD
A sample of the medieval WAD

Texture themes

What's included


WARNING: these are NOT compatible with the original maps or existing maps.

If you were to load these WADs into your editor with an existing map, many textures would be missing or wrong. If you need to load an older map, use the quake101.wad, hipnotic.wad, or rogue.wad WADs that are circulating. Those are much messier, but will load the map in question mostly intact. Alternatively, custom maps, especially maps with many custom textures, often come with WADs as a counterpart to the map source. Use that WAD instead of these.

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