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(October 1, 2017)

wad2bmp is a command-line GoldSrc texture extractor. It takes a WAD or a BSP full of textures and extracts all of them out to bitmaps. To use it, run it at the Command Prompt with this command:

wad2bmp.exe -p "c:\mywad.wad"

By default, wad2bmp exports out to the working directory (the one shown by the Command Prompt). You can also specify the -d flag and a separate directory to export textures out to.

wad2bmp.exe -p "c:\mywad.wad" -d "c:\textures"

Sample output:

Correct wad2bmp v2.0.0 usage:
 -p <filepath> (Package to load.)
 -d <path>     (Destination extraction directory.)
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