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(September 16, 2017)

BSPTwoMap is a command-line GoldSrc map decompiler. It takes a compiled BSP file and turns it back into a MAP, ready to load into Hammer, J.A.C.K., or other similar level editor. To use it, drop your BSP onto the decompiler, or run it from the command line with this command:

bsp2map [path to your bsp]

Please note that GoldSrc games do not store the original brush data inside the compiled map. Every brush in a map decompiled with BSPTwoMap will have a thickness of one Hammer unit and be split into whichever of the six faces are visible inside the map. Often, more complex brushes will be broken and need repair.

BSPTwoMap supports all GoldSrc games, including the updated BSP format used by Half-Life: Blue Shift. It will also extract any textures it finds in the BSP into a separate WAD file for loading into your level editor.

Sample output:

BSPTwoMap v1.4b (Jan  4 2004) by Skyler 'Zipster' York
With code written by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh and Valve Software

-= BSPTwoMap Options =-

    -notextures   : Do not extract included textures
    -xpcagey      : Use when the map was compiled with XP-Cagey's tools and optimizers
    -origin N     : Change the dimensions of created origin brushes to NxNxN
    mapfile       : The mapfile to decompile
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